‘JMSALFR, The Coming Volume II’ follows
how an alien protects earth from ET villains

JMSALFR is a good super alien here on Earth incognito. His goal is to battle the extraterrestrial villains who plan on having their claws upon Earth’s destiny; all the while awaiting for his nemesis Mod1,  who co-travelled with him from his world. Intent to save earth, he partners with Carl Murphy who will play an important role during the battle. JMSALFR wants to go home a victor, and it is clear that he will do everything to win his battle in order to leave the world intact with its freedom to dictate and shape its destiny.  READ MORE

For as long as man can remember, he has always been fascinated with the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. In JMSALFR, The Coming, author Johnnie Adams explores this possibility as he tells the story of a perfect Alien traveler from a world in perfect harmony that existed billions of miles from earth.

This exciting fiction book follows an ordinary family through their ill-fated journey intertwined with the perfect Alien traveler. Two travelers from his world had been sent to earth during pre-civilization, when earth life forms were only microorganisms. During their discoveries, perils, and conflicts with each other, an event occurred that accidentally entrapped them on earth long enough to allow the evolution of mankind as they are today. Some of earth’s destructive progress had given them a means of re-emerging. One traveler, through the unfortunate tragedies of this ordinary family, encounters many adventures in his struggle to return to his world with earth’s destiny in hand.

A suspenseful, emotional, spellbinding novel, JMSALFR, The Coming paints a vivid picture of what life would be like if extraterrestrials lived among people. The first in a planned series, it will hook readers as each exciting twist unfolds until its surprising conclusion.